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Do Diverso products have a warranty?

Yes, all Diverso products are supplied with a full two years parts and performance warranty.

Is Diverso an Italian brand?

No, Diverso is not produced in Italy, but all product design is done in Italy and the best raw materials are used in the production.

How can I get your products?

You can find all our products by contacting, emailing or visiting an authorized Diverso Tea dealer.

Do you have any samples of your work?

Photos of our work can be found on the Galleries pages of our website.

How long have you been in business?

Just over 20 years… We are proud of our company’s history, in which each and every employee has played a crucial role. Diverso success is the result of the commitment and dedication of each member of our team, because it is thanks to our values that the most innovative ideas are born and developed.

Other Questions

What are the features of Diverso hoods?

Super Turbo Plus engine
Suction power 1300 cubic meters per hour
Super Silent Engine
Unique body design
0.7 sheet and electrostatic paint
Thermo Guard
970 knot aluminum filter and washable with steel lock
3-function smoke, temperature and odor sensor
60 Newton gas jack or electric jack
SMD energy saving lamp
Unbreakable Securit glass
Remote control

What are the features of Diverso hobs?

Thermocouple (super top time)
Fully automatic lighter
All stainless steel plate 8 mm unbreakable safety glass
Grease tray with matte glaze
Two-part volume (insulation)
Flame head with power of 4.2 kW
Cast iron grid with matte glaze
Equipped with revolving hose
Slow cooker cast iron mesh
Has a galvanized building

What are the features of Diverso sinks?

Extreme pelvic depth of 18.20 cm
The well-known automatic sink term, due to the optional placement on the left or right, both are possible.
Anti-stain and easy to wash even with Whitex and household acid with microfiber cloth or soft sponge.
Choosing the color according to the personal taste and desire of the customer.
Completely luxurious products with modern European and American methods.
Variety in different models and designs of trays and having small, medium and standard sizes.
Quick and easy installation.
Anti-UV (can be installed in terraces and pavilions and environments with atmospheric factors and sunlight).

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