About Us

Diverso started with this goal: to combine quality, craftsmanship and design with the finest materials and expert knowledge to bring silence to your kitchen. Creating enduringly beautiful appliances that perform day after day, and year after year, all Diverso products are supplied with a two five years parts and performance warranty. Enhanced by the trend for open plan living, extraction and surface cooking itself has become a defining feature of the modern kitchen. Diverso provides subtle, elegant and high design statement products that always complement the architectural character of the space. We believe a beautifully designed and crafted kitchen is a statement of quality and there is no better way to make a lasting impression than with Diverso it is for every kitchen where performance matters, whether your home is a rural retreat or modern city sleek.

We have always imagined tomorrow, and believed in expertise and creative ability, developing products and services that are capable of improving the everyday experiences of our customers throughout the world. We are proud of our company’s history, in which each and every employee has played a crucial role.
Diverso success is the result of the commitment and dedication of each member of our team, because it is thanks to our values that the most innovative ideas are born and developed.
The values that have sustained us and that will go forward with us into the future.

Good Luck.