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About Us

Diverso started with this goal: to combine quality, craftsmanship and design with the finest materials and expert knowledge to bring silence to your kitchen. Creating enduringly beautiful appliances that perform day after day, and year after year, all Diverso products are supplied with a two five years parts and performance warranty

05 Years

Product Details

Diverso Hoods


Diverso hoods collection delivers:
Top option for looks, performance and air quality in the kitchen.

  • Super Turbo Plus engine
  • Suction power 1300 cubic meters per hour
  • Super Silent Engine

Diverso Hobs


A Diverso hob is a joy to use.

The latest technologies are always applied, enabling you to conjure up the most delicious dishes quickly and efficiently.

  • Thermocouple (super top time)
  • Flame head with power of 4.2 kW
  • Two-part volume


Diverso Ovens
Diverso kitchen stoves are in production and will be unveiled soon.
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